Our bodies have an enormous capacity for healing, if we can get to a state of rest, stillness. In modern, urban life that stillness can be very hard to find.

The sympathetic nervous system is about fight or flight—damage control. We spend most of our time here. The parasympathetic nervous system is about resting and restoring. This is where we heal. In Biodynamic Craniosacral work, we aim to balance the two.

A practitioner learns to be still, and by slowing their own body’s tempo, your body will mirror this stillness when contact is made. In this way, the practitioner assists your body in the process of finding its own stillness, and as a result, its natural model of health. A practitioner studies the classical motions of the bones, fluids, nerves, and organs, and is able to palpate their movements.

By holding a map of the anatomy, and through an awareness of these subtle tactile sensations, the practitioner listens to your body. How often are our bodies heard?